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Understanding Union Truck Driver Pay Scales


October 19th, 2017 | Posted by: Admin

Right; so you have secured a brand new trucking job, or perhaps you are currently in the midst of one. The employer has now turned around and said that you will be paid upon Union Truck Driver Pay Scales. You are a little bit miffed as to what this means and thus you have stumbled across this page. Brilliant! Because this is the right page to be on if you really want to find out exactly what Union Truck Driver Pay Scales actually are.


YRC Employment and Job Requirements


August 16, 2017 | Posted by: Admin

At YRC Freight, we employee over 28,000 individuals. With this many professionals working with us, we are the largest freight operation in the region and one of the largest in all of the United States.

While based out of Overland Park, Kansas, we pride ourselves on not only being one of the largest freight companies, but one of the best freight companies to work for. We strive to provide excellent pay and benefits that are equal to or higher than most of the LTL freight industry. So, if you’re looking for a fresh start or a career in the freight industry, there are all sorts of reasons to consider working for us at YRC.


Top 10 List Of Trucking Companies 2016+


November 21, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

If you’ve decided to pursue a career in trucking and completed the requirements to get your CDL license, it’s time to start applying to companies and make some money doing what you love. The trucking business is for those people who have a passion and if you’ve gone through the training you already know you are ready to hit the road. So far, you’ve made the decision to pursue trucking, completed the required training and have obtained your CDL license. Now what’s left?


J.B. Hunt Transportation Employment and Requirements


November 09, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

J.B Hunt Transport Services have been listed in Fortune Magazine as “America’s largest and best transportation company”. We are a great place to work and we offer a wide range of job opportunities. We are a company that has great people working for us and wide range of opportunities.


Fleetmatics Truck GPS Tracking Benefits Your Business


November 03, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

Fleetmatics has been the number one choice for trucking companies for several years. There innovative products are saving companies millions of dollars of the bottom line. Fleet GPS tracking puts company owners literally in the seat with their drivers allowing them to gain complete control over their fleet, significantly reduce costs and improve productivity.


Understanding The DOT Medical Exam And DOT Medical Card Requirements


October 30, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

For commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, the most imperative security peculiarity is YOU – the driver! Everytime you turn the key, you are in charge of your own security, and the well-being of all individuals who share the road with you. The CDL physical examination has been put in place to ensure that you are sufficiently meet the DOT physical requirements to operate a commercial vehicle, and safely perform the rigorous job of a commercial driver.


How to Start a Trucking Company (1) - Picking Your Corporate Name


October 27, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

By now you’ve decided to start your own trucking business and really make those big bucks. Hopefully before you made this decision you had some time to think about what your trying to accomplish. It’s also very important to have experience in the industry either working with a trucking company doing administrative work or as a trucker on the roads. It’s important to note; starting your own trucking company is difficult as with any business however if your split up the process than you’ll be able to take some of the stress out of the entire process.


Schneider Trucking Jobs Benefits And Requirements


October 25, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

Schneider is one of the largest trucking companies in North America and the growth has been attributed to how they treat their employees. They respect and appreciate the hard work every day by employees and believe it is because of them why the company continues to grow each year. Schneider shows their appreciation by providing exceptional employee benefits and pay.


Follow The Distracted Driver Law By Utilizing These Cool Apps

Texting and talking while driving, hands of young man on steering wheel

October 24, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

It’s no secret driving while using handheld devices like cell-phones to text, respond to emails and make calls can be extremely dangerous. Here’s a quick statistic I read recently…

“According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), on-the-job crashes cost employers more than $24,500 per crash, $150,000 per injury, and $3.6 million per fatality. And distracted driving caused by hand-held mobile device use is an emerging contributor to these accidents.”


Why You’ll Fail Your Next Trucking Interview?


October 22, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

Trucking is a very lucrative career and when you get involved, you have an enormous opportunity to keep gaining experience, which leads to more truck driving careers. However, getting involved in trucking is just one part of the equation because you have many requirements you have to meet to get your foot inside the door. I have spoken to many truckers within the industry who have had a rough start and shed some light on the things you can do to streamline the whole process.


Is Company Paid Training Right For You?


October 18, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

This is a very tricky question to answer because you have so many other options available which streamline your entire process. For example, due to the expansion of the internet you have free CDL practice tests, information on endorsements available within your profession, etc. At one point it was tough getting tuition to go to truck driving school, however many governmental programs are now available because they understand the importance transport plays in the economy. Next,


5 Best Truck Driving Schools in California


October 13, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

This is a very special post because we’ll be exploring a topic that has been in high demand. If you are trying to get into the trucking industry, there are two ways you can approach this profession. First, you can gather all the information you need on your own, then write the CDL examination. This is NOT uncommon because you have several free online resources available to help you through the process.